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Meet Sensi-Predict, a Predictive Maintenance Solution (Authorised dealers: Absolute Comfort) to give you the freedom from all your worries and anxiety regarding your HVAC system. An expansive 10-sensor system is attached to your HVAC, letting your know how your system is performing and helping you anticipate problems before they take you by surprise.

How Sensi-Predict works

  1. Sensi-Predict uses custom sensor technology, in which 10 sensors are installed on the furnace and air conditioner. They constantly monitor performance based on set parameters. system. 80% of the time, data detects an issue before it transforms into a breakdown.
  2. These sensors analyze the status of your system and provide you with detailed monthly performance checks. The results are sent to you and your contractor.
  3. If a warning is detected an alert will be sent in real time. You will also receive an email with a straightforward explanation and the course of action to take.

This way you can stay ahead of breakdowns and all the inconvenience from your HVAC system.

Smart Maintenance Thanks to a Smart Solution

Sensi-Predict helps both you and us to address a small problem before it becomes a headache. It is an innovative, state-of-the-art product that uses WiFi-connected smart sensors to keep you ahead and aware of any maintenance issues.

Benefits :

  • 10 Installed Diagnostic Sensors
  • System Checks
  • Maintenance Visits
  • Urgent System Alerts
  • Up to 20% Energy Savings
  • Filter Reminders
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Rebate on Diagnostic Charge
  • System Failure Prevention Alerts
  • Predictive Maintenance

Make your HVAC system truly smart with the latest in predictive maintenance. Call us at (385) 557-8050 to know more about Sensi-Predict.

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