Heat Pumps

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Heat Pumps Are a Dual-Purpose System That Both Cools and Heats Your Home

Heat Pump Installation Services:

Heat pumps are newest way to both heat and cool your home throughout the year while being highly efficient and cost friendly. Modern heat pumps can exchange up to 300% more energy than they consume making them a great alternative to a traditional AC unit. If you are considering installing a heat pump system, our team at Absolute Comfort can help.

Call us if you need would like a heat pump installed in your home. We serve Ogden, North Ogden, and Roy, Utah as well as all of Weber and Davis Counties.

What Is A Heat Pump:

A Heat pump is a dual-purpose system that both cools and heats your home depending on the season. A heat pump is overlooked as most believe it is a system just to heat your home. A heat pump also is a great alternative to your air conditioning unit during the summer months as well.

During the summer the heat pump works as an AC pumping out warm air throughout the inside of your home to the outside. Creating a cooler temperature climate throughout your home. During the winter months the heat pump can produce heat energy by transferring warmer air from the outside to the inside. Since we live in an area that experiences cold weather below 35 degrees, most heat pumps will require the usage of a gas furnace to continue working efficiently. The combination of the heat pump and furnace to produce energy is known as a Dual-Fuel Heating system.

Interested in learning how to become more energy efficient in your home by installing a heat pump system? Contact our team at Absolute Comfort to learn more on how a heat pump could be the right solution to your HVAC System.

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At Absolute Comfort we are committed to helping you resolve your heating issues. When it comes to residential heating system services you can be assured of Absolute Comfort’s impeccable delivery and execution. We are family-owned and locally affiliated, and we bring more than 30 years of experience to the table.

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